Drain on local services - local schools and doctors are already full. Local schools are full with parents struggling to find places, and it is impossible to get an appointment at globe town surgery. This development is in the globe town surgery catchment area. 


Traffic and parking - clogging up already busy streets. There is not enough parking for the current residents. Where will these cars go? 


The new 7-storey development will block light to neighbouring buildings. In some places the new development is 3 x higher than the surrounding buildings. 


Damage to the Victoria Park Conservation Area due to density, height and layout of the new development. 





The development will destroy local Grade II Heritage. The existing roof and tower will be demolished, but the developers have lied, calling it ‘raising’ the roof. This infers that they will keep the roof - they won't. In the plans it will be demolished and a new roof constructed - fake heritage.

Very low levels of 'affordable' housing those who need it most – and no mention of NHS key workers. We need more housing but this development will be out of reach of normal Londoners.

Low affordable housing

350 expensive flats - much more densely packed than the surrounding area. The Park View estate (next to the new development) is 240 flats which are built on much bigger area over multiple sites.